Anna Andersson

Keeper of the archives
Area of responsibility: keeper of the archives and registrar.
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Emma Bergström

Study Administrative Coordinator
Area of responsibility: Crew scheduling basic and advanced level, secretary of GUR.
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Agneta Sundman Claesson

Chief Administrator
Area of responsibility: Overall responsibility for the administration and responsible for the final accounts, financing of PhD students, prolongation, facilities, employment agreements.
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Oskar Eriksson

Administrator of student affairs
Area of responsibility: Statsvetenskap II/Political Science II, Statsvetenskap III/Political Science III, the Student Affairs Office, keeper of the archives.
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Erica Fredriksson

Student Counsellor and Administrator advanced level
Area of responsibility: Administration and student counselling advanced level.
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Sebastian Klarås

Financial Officer
Area of responsibility: Invoicing, budget, semi and annual financial statements, attestation, procurements.
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Anneli Lindén

Human Resources Officer
Area of responsibility: Administration of staff-related matters, Sukat, travel and expenses.
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Christian Möllerop

Student Counsellor and Administrator of PhD programme
Area of responsibility: Student counselling and administration of PhD programme.

Pernilla Nordahl

Area of responsibility: IT and telephony, keys, access cards and copying machines, facilities, higher research seminar, conferences/events.
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Jonas Rådne

Student Counsellor / Exchange Coordinator
Area of responsibility: Exchanges, student counselling
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Åsa Sandlund

Administrator of student affairs
Area of responsibility: Statsvetenskap I, KOPO-programme, co-ordinator of examinations, Student Affairs Office.
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Sofie Trosell

Communications Officer
Area of responsibility: Communication, webmaster, secretary of the Department Board.
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