Lars Johan Hierta
Lars Johan Hierta

The professorial chair was named after the manufacturer, politician, publicist and author Lars Johan Hierta, also known as the founder of the paper Aftonbladet.

Up to the point when Stockholm University College became Stockholm University in the year of 1960 and the different subject areas were organised in the form of departments, this professorial chair was more or less the only permanent position in the subject.

From January 2021 Jan Teorell is the new holder of the professorial chair.

Holders of the professorial chair

• 1935-1947: Herbert Tingsten
• 1948-1958: Elis Håstad
• 1958-1967: Gunnar Heckscher
• 1967-1976: Hans Meijer
• 1976-1993: Olof Ruin
• 1994-1999: Björn Wittrock
• 2002-2005: Diane Sainsbury
• 2009-2020: Michele Micheletti
• 2021- : Jan Teorell

Herbert Tingsten
Herbert Tingsten, Hierta professor 1935—1947.
Elis Håstad
Elis Håstad, Hierta professor 1948—1958.
Gunnar Heckscher
Gunnar Heckscher, Hierta professor 1958—1967.
Hans Meijer
Hans Meijer, Hierta professor, 1967—1976.
Olof Ruin
Olof Ruin, Hierta professor 1976—1993.
Björn Wittrock
Björn Wittrock, Hierta professor 1994—1999.
Diane Sainsbury
Diane Sainsbury, Hierta professor 2002—2005.
Michele Micheletti

Michele Micheletti, Hierta professor 2009—...