Mikiko Eto

is associate professor at Hosei University, Japan, and affiliated with the Department of Political Science and WIP. She will stay in Stockholm one week in May, and for one year between 1.9.2010 and 31.8.2011 under the exchange program between Japan Society of Promoting of Science (RASPS) and Royal Swedish Academy of Science. Mikiko Eto is writing a dissertation on “Gender Politics in Japan: An examination of women’s political participation and representation, in terms of comparative perspectives”. In Sweden she will make empirical studies of "Gender and Democracy: Complementary Relationship between Participation and Representation".

Serpil Çakir

is a guest researcher, supported by the Swedish Institute. Associate Professor of Political Science Section in the Faculty of Political Sciences of Istanbul University. She will stay at Stockholm University from September 2009 until May 2010. 

Drude Dahlerup

is professor of political science. Drude Dahlerup has specialized in gender studies, and her main research interests are women in politics, gender quotas worldwide, social movements and feminist theory. Recently, she edited the book Women, Quotas and Politics, Routledge 2006. Read more

Lenita Freidenvall

PhD, is currently involved in the research project FEMCIT – Gendered Citizenship in Multicultural Europe, which is funded by EUs 6th framework programme. Lenita Freidenvall's research interests include political representation and quotas, citizenship and the multicultural, political parties and nomination processes, gender equality politics, constitutional politics, new institutional theory. Read more

Christina Alnevall

PhD Candidate, studies gendered citizenship and Mexico is her case study. Christina Alnevall has published on political representation, citizenship theory and feminist political theory. Her research interests also include development studies, global governance and comparative politics especially regarding gender and Latin America. Read more

Anneli Gustafsson

PhD Candidate. In her doctoral dissertation Anneli Gustafsson studies how gender, sexuality and nation is constructed in modern parliamentary democracies, focusing on body and built environment. The empirical case study is the Swedish Parliament. Her areas of interest are women in politics, feminist theory, anti-racist theory, political theory, discourse theory, and architecture- and design theory.

Katarina Bivald

Research assistent at FEMCIT. Katarina Bivald's research interests include the women's movement and women's political representation and participation.

Eleonora Stolt

Research assistant of the projects Electoral gender quotas and their implementation in Europe and FEMCIT. Eleonora Stolt’s research interests include political representation, citizenship, women’s representation in the private sector, especially in enterprises and boards of directors as well as strategies for inclusion and nomination processes.

Jenny Hedström

Research assistant within the FEMCIT project. Jenny Hedström is currently enrolled as a masters student in demography at Stockholm University. Her thesis involves analyses based on computational modelling of residential mobility behaviour within Stockholm and how this affects outcomes of residential segregation. This study is based on quantative methods using register data. Previous research includes attitudes towards parental leave policy in Sweden.

Emil Johansson

Research assistant, M.A. student in political science at Stockholm University. He is currently writing a M.A. Thesis about implementation of gender equality policies in Swedish municipals. The thesis is enrolled from theories regarding feminist new institutionalism and substantive representation. Earlier research includes a Bachelor Thesis about women’s representation in six Swedish municipals and the effects of different governmental structures. Emil has assisted in the book project Breaking Male Dominance (forthcoming 2012)and in the updated version of the European Parliament-report Electoral Gender Quota System and Their Implementation in Europe (2011).