Nordic-Arab Network of Research on Women's Empowerment, Gender and Politics (WEP) – for Master Students, PhD Students and Postdoctoral Scholars

The aim of this network is to provide young Arab and Nordic scholars in the field of gender and politics with the opportunity to establish intra-regional as well as cross-regional contacts with other PhD students and seniors in the same field and to provide additional academic supervising within the following research areas:

  • Women's political empowerment (political representation, social movements)
  • Policy changes and gendered rights (civil, political and social citizenship and violence against women)
  • Labour market (gender segregation, equal pay, unemployment)
  • Migration (including migrating care workers)
  • Media, communication and cultural debates
  • Religion

The purpose of the network is three-fold:

  • to contribute to the development of research in the field of women in political life
  • to facilitate the exchange of theories, methodological approaches and empirical findings between young Arab and Nordic scholars.
  • to facilitate contacts between senior and junior researchers in the field.

Thus, the network will be of vital help to young scholars who are looking for international research contacts and who are in want of additional external supervision capacity.


• WoMen Dialogue

•  Leaflet (English) (770 Kb)

•  Leaflet (Arabic) (73 Kb)

•  Kick-off seminar (17 Kb)