Gendered Citizenship in Multicultural Europe: The Impact of Contemporary Women’s Movement.

FEMCIT is a research project funded under the Sixth Framework of the European Commission. We are an interdisciplinary team of 15 partners from 11 countries. Our research runs from 2007 until 2011.

FEMCIT explores the relationship between the changing forms and practices of gendered citizenship in multicultural Europe and the demands and practices of contemporary women’s movements. We are studying how citizenship is gendered, and how women, as ordinary citizens and activists, have been involved in challenging inequalities and injustice across Europe.

The research is organized in seven thematic areas: political citizenship, social citizenship, economic citizenship, ethnic and religious citizenship, sexual and bodily citizenship, intimate citizenship and integrative analysis.

Stockholm University, as one of the 15 partners, is involved in workpackage 1 on political citizenship: ”Towards full political citizenship: making gender parity representation work.” We will explicitly study to what extent ethnic minorities and migrants are represented in political decision-making bodies in Europe and the views of political parties and women’s organizations on the political representation of minority groups.

Participating researchers: Professor Drude Dahlerup and Dr. Lenita Freidenvall

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