The Department of Political Science at Stockholm University offers strong competence in European governance, international relations, and normative democratic theory. In particular, the department boasts a strong early and mid-career generation of internationally competitive and well-published scholars, who together generate a stimulating and productive environment for cutting-edge research. Political science is one of the largest departments at the university with about 65 active researchers, of which about 25 are Ph.D. students.

Global and European governance has in recent years emerged as a vibrant area of research at the department, attracting scholars from multiple sub-disciplines. Central themes of research within this area are multilateral negotiations, delegation to international institutions, transnational regulation, public-private partnerships in European governance, deliberation in interna­tional institutions, conceptualizations of the demos in at the global level, and the scope for democratizing international institutions.


Transdemos group


From left to right: Jonas Tallberg, Martin Westergren, Erik Karlsson, Andreas Duit, Thomas Sommerer, Andreas Nordang Uhre, Lisa Dellmuth, Marta Reuter and Hans Agné. Not in the picture: Eva Erman, Magnus Lundgren, Sofia Näsström and Theresa Squatrito.