Room numbers are based on codes which consist of one letter and three figures. The letter denotes the building, the first figure denotes the floor, and the last two figures denote the location of the room on that floor. Room F784 is thus located in building F, floor 7.

The University's auditoria are usually located on the 3rd floor in buildings A-F. Auditorium A1 is thus located in the A building, 3rd floor. One exception is auditorium G which is located next to the Arrhenius laboratories, Svante Arrhenius väg 20C. Find your way to auditorium G

The venues for written exams are Brunnsvikssalen (building A, floor 5), Laduvikssalen (above the university library, floor 6), Ugglevikssalen (building E, floor 5) and Värtasalen (also above the university library, floor 6).