The program provides a two-year master's degree in Asian Studies and is given in collaboration with the Department of Social Anthropology and the Department of Economic History and International Relations.

Programme structure

The studies begin in semester one with a broad course on politics and economics: A Global Continent: The Politics and Economics of Asia (15 credits). This is then followed by four thematic courses of 7.5 credits with a more specialized  focus: Migration, Labor and Culture in Asia; Law, Culture and Society in Asia; International Relations in North-East Asia; and Development goals in Asia. Together, the five introductory courses will provide both a broad but advanced introduction, as well as specialized knowledge in certain areas. Semester two ends with a method course of 15 credits where students choose between qualitative and quantitative methods. The purpose is to prepare them for the upcoming independent  work, but the course also teaches generic skills. During semester three, time is provided for  collection of material and field work linked to the thesis, alternatively vocational preparation practice, studies in other social science subjects or  exchange studies. The program ends with course Independent research work (30 credits). All teaching are in English.

The education plan states the eligibility requirements, the composition of the programme, as well as the goals and expected study results of the programme. You will find it here.


Before you apply for a Master's programme you need to make sure you have the required academic qualifications and language skills. In addition to the general entry requirements, the programme and the master's level courses have specific entry requirements.

The Master´s programmes in English are only open for admission in the international admission´s round, deadline is January 15th.


  Course Schedule Literature
Semester 1
  Globalization, Economy and Politics in Asia 15 credits Schedule Literature list - Globalization, Economy and Politics in Asia (84 Kb)
  Migration and Labor in Asia, 7.5 credits (Subject: Social Anthropology) Schedule Literature list Migration and Labour in Asia (161 Kb)
  Law, Culture and Society in Asia, 7.5 credits (Subject: Social Anthropology) Schedule Literature list - Law, Culture and Society in Asia (90 Kb)
Semester 2
  International Relations in East Asia, 7.5 credits (Subject: International relations) Schedule Literature list – International Relations of East Asia (94 Kb)
  Development goals in Asia, 7.5 credits Schedule Literature list - Development Goals in Asia (70 Kb)
  Political Science Methods, 15 credits

Preliminary Schedule:
Qualitative methods

Quantitative methods

Literature list - Political Science Methods
Semester 3
  Internship, Exchange studies or Elective courses    
Semester 4
  Independent Research Project , 30 credits    


Careers and employment

For more information the labour market and career opportunities, please see our page Careers and employment.