The programme combines professional preparation with state of the art courses in political science, and includes both compulsory and elective courses. All courses are advanced level courses, and are taught in English.

Programme structure

The first year of the programme consists of compulsory core courses and elective thematic specialisation courses. Each elective period offers the student a set selection of courses taught at the department. The number of seats for each course is limited. Programme students are allocated places according to admissions merit value.

The independent research project (the Master’s Thesis) is written during the third semester. The topic is developed in consultation with a supervisor. During the final semester students undertake a workplace internship, study abroad as an exchange student, or take courses selected in consultation with the Director of Studies.

The education plan states the eligibility requirements, the composition of the programme, as well as the goals and expected study results of the programme. You will find it here


Autumn semester      
  Course Schedule Literature 
Period A & B

Analytical Perspectives and the Study of Power in the Social Sciene (236 Kb)
Course responsible teacher: Magnus Reitberger

Schedule Literature list Analytical Perspectives and the Study of Power in the Social Sciences (645 Kb)
Period C

The Politics of Equality (237 Kb)
Course responsible teacher: Jouni Reinikainen


Literature list The Politics of Equality (74 Kb)

  Unipolarity Without Hegemony: Pax Americana in the 21st Century
Course responsible teacher: Kjell Engelbrekt
Schedule Literature list Unipolarity Without Hegemony, VT2021 (189 Kb)
  Globalization, Politics and Economy in Asia TBA TBA
Period D Global and Regional Governance (191 Kb)
Course responsible teacher: Jonas Tallberg
Schedule Literature list Global and regional Governance (191 Kb)

National and Global Equality Policies: Goals and Instruments (117 Kb)
Course responsible teacher: Lenita Freidenvall

Schedule Literature list National and Global Equality Policies, autumn 2019 (32 Kb)
  Environmental Politics: Governing the Anthropocene from Local to Global (236 Kb)
Course responsible teacher: Andreas Duit
Schedule Literature list Environmental Politics - Governing the Athropocence from Local to Global (18 Kb)
Period A Demokratianalys
Course responsible teacher: Magnus Reitberger
Period B Towards Emancipation: Feminist Theories and Strategies During 200 Years
Course responsible teacher: Maria Jansson och Maria Wendt
TBA Literature list - Towards Emancipation: Feminist Theories and Strategies During 200 Years (140 Kb)
  Internationl Security Politics
Course responsible teacher: Joakim Kreutz

International Political Theory
Course responsible teacher: Hans Agné

  Global Climate and Environmental Politics
Course responsible teacher: Naghmeh Nasiritousi
Period C & D

Statsvetenskapliga metoder

Course responsible teacher: Ludvig Norman (Qualitative methods) Kåre Vernby (Quantitative methods)



Careers and employment

For more information the labour market and career opportunities, please see our page Careers and employment