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My current research focuses on issues related to AI governance and the ethics of AI, and specifically how the benefits and burdens created by increasingly capable AI are distributed more or less fairly, depending on how the governance of AI is arranged. My contributions to this field try to bring insights from theorizing about distributive justice to bear on the concrete problems and possibilities that transformative AI brings with it.

I am a postdoc in a research project that asks not only what the key features of emerging international AI regimes are, and how the nature of the evolving regimes can be explained, but also what the implications of these regimes are for justice and democracy. The project is led by Jonas Tallberg and Magnus Lundgren, and include Eva Erman and Mark Klamberg.

I am also convening a panel about these issue at this year's Mancept Workshops (see the CfA), and co-arranging a conference on Egalitarianism and the Future of Work together with Huub Brouwer (Utrecht/Tilburg) and Willem van der Deijl (Tilburg) in May 2021.

I hope to some day find the time to pursue my other research interests, including the legitimacy of systems of norms and informal sanctions, the moral aspect of markets, and the political and philosophical relevance of hypocrisy.

Dissertation project

I defended my dissertation "Do Your Bit, Claim Your Share: Justice, Ethos, and the Individual Duty to Contribute", in November of 2020. The dissertation is about how individual action influences distributive justice, and how principles of distributive justice should influence individual action. Specifically, it addresses the questions of what justice requires of individuals, and why. I argue that individuals should not only comply with just institutions, but that they also have a pro tanto duty to contribute in their daily lives towards the furthering of a just society, based on principles of equality, reciprocity, and fairly sharing burdens. Further, I try to show that a system of informal and decentralized social sanctions – an ethos – is the best way to promote adherence to this duty. The dissertation develops and defends an account of contributive justice, specifying who should contribute to justice and why, as well as what a contribution is and how an individual duty to contribute should be enforced.

Parts of this project were conducted as a Fellow at the Department of Philosophy, Harvard University and as a Visiting Doctoral Student at the Department of Politics and International Relations and The Centre for the Study of Social Justice, Oxford University. I also had the chance to be on two periods of parental leave during the project. My supervisors were Eva Erman and Simon Birnbaum, and Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen served as opponent during the defense.


ORCID iD: 0000-0002-2378-750X

2020 “Do Your Bit, Claim Your Share: Justice, Ethos, and the Individual Duty to Contribute”.
Dissertation, Dept. of Political Science, Stockholm University. ISBN: 978-91-7911-305-6

2018 ”Rescuing Justice from Indifference: Equality, Pareto, and Cohen’s Ethos”, Social Theory and Practice. Volume 44, No. 4, pp. 485-506.

2018 “Jonathan Wolff: Varför läsa Marx idag?” Statsvetenskaplig Tidskrift. Volume 120, No. 3-4, pp. 610-612. Book review.

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Journal of Political Theory
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2015 “Finding Oneself in the Other, Written by G. A. Cohen.” Journal of Moral Philosophy. Volume 12. No. 3, pp. 343–346. doi:10.1163/17455243-01203002. Book review.

Conference papers (selection)

“Why we should all own AI technology: The Case for Collective Ownership of the New Means of Production” To be presented at the Egalitarianism and Future of Work conference, Stockholm, 2021

“Equality, Pareto and Cohen’s Ethos” Awarded the Pavia Graduate Conference Anniversary award, 2017. Also presented at the Swedish Network for Political Theory, Stockholm, 2017 & The Philosophy Days, Uppsala 2017.

“Distributive justice, markets, and the social ethos: The role of intentions” Presented at the Justice and Markets conference, Aarhus University, January 2018.

“’From each according to abilities’ and the duty to contribute” Presented at the Nordic Network for Political Theory, Copenhagen, 2015.

“On action guidance in political philosophy” Presented at the Swedish Network for Political Theory, Södertörn, 2015.


Ph. D. Political Science, Stockholm University 2020.

Degree of Master of Science. Political Science, Stockholm University 2014

Degree of Bachelor of Science. Political Science, Stockholm University 2012


Samtida Politisk Teori, Statsvetenskap III (Contemporary political theory, Political Science III)

C-uppsats (Bachelor’s thesis)

Politisk teori, Statsvetenskap I (Political theory, Political science I)

Jämlikhetens teori och praktik, Statsvetenskap II (The theory and practice of equality, Political Science II)

Att studera demokrati, Statsvetenskap II (The Study of Democracy, Political Science II)