Lars Lindström

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Research interests

Politics of development. State and class formation, civil society and democratisation in Asia and Latin America, with a special focus on workers’ movements. I contributed with colleagues at the department to the development of the Politics of Development profile in teaching and research, in 1995 was formally constituted in the Politics of Development Group at Stockholm University (PODSU), of which I am a member.

Poverty and coastal natural resources. I work together with a group of marine biologists/system ecologists based in East Africa and Scandinavia on the links between coastal natural resources and poverty alleviation/sustainable livelihoods in East Africa.

Small scale-fisheries. I’m a member of a global research network with the goal to enhance the understanding of the real contribution of small-scale fisheries to food security, nutrition, sustaining livelihoods, poverty alleviation, wealth generation and trade, as well as the impacts and implications of global change processes such as urbanization, globalization, migration, climate change, aquaculture, and communication technology on small-scale fisheries. Another goal is to create an innovative and interactive web platform, a Small-scale Fisheries Information System (SFIS), for global and local analysis of small-scale fisheries and their contributions to the broader society.

Environment, democratization and strategies of the poor. I belong to a trans-disciplinary network of researchers looking at the poor as natural resource users with complex and sometimes conflicting interests and how democratization as a means to equalize unequal structures of power become part of strategies for sustainable development.


I teach courses within the field of Development Studies at both undergraduate and graduate level. The courses fall into two main categories: “State, Civil society and Democratization” and “Globalization, Imperialism and Resistance”.  I also supervise at undergraduate, masters and doctoral levels.