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We are world leading in driving and promoting increased understanding, high quality learning and sustainable solutions regarding natural phenomena and their interactions with each other and societal development.

Our research and education is in Physical Geography, a wide-ranging scientific field dealing with the diverse physical and biological features of Earth, their characteristics, processes, patterns and interactions with humans. We study connected physical, chemical, biological, geological, environmental and social processes and changes in the world's land areas and their water, ice and geological formations, climate systems and ecosystems, in relation to each other and to human societies.

Our research and education include: spatial analyses of phenomena and their development over time; area studies of places and regions; studies of the relationships and complexity in linked natural-social systems; and studies of global change and the Earth system. The studies include, for example, changes in land formations, glaciers and permafrost, ecosystems and biodiversity, land, water and other natural resources and environmental aspects, and their interactions with climate and various societal developments, such as urbanization.

The department is large and dynamic with employees from almost all continents. We collaborate with other natural science as well as social science and humanities departments at Stockholm University and other universities in Sweden and other parts of the world. We also collaborate in our research and education with other actors in society, such as public authorities, companies and other organizations, for example for joint formulation and supervision of student theses.

The Department of Physical Geography is a rewarding, exciting and fun meeting place for innovative and creative education and research, contributing to solutions to major societal challenges.

Georgia Destouni

Head of Department
Department of Physical Geography




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