The majority of teaching at the Department pf Physics is already performed online, but we will now minimise all on-campus teaching. However, some parts of our courses and exams (such as lab exercises) still require presence on campus. In these cases no more than 8 people may gather at one time. This will have the following consequences: 

  • All teaching will be moved online where possible.
  • Practical elements that cannot be given remotely will still be performed on campus.
  • Written exams on campus will for most courses be replaced with alternatives which can be done remotely.

Information about possible changes regarding teaching or exams during a course will be provided by the teacher.

Foto Ingmarie Andersson
Foto Ingmarie Andersson/ Stockholms universitet

The Department of Physics strongly believes that on-campus teaching is generally to be preferred from a pedagogical point of view. Especially practical elements in courses (such as labs) and exams are difficult to replace, whereas lectures more easily can be transferred online with preserved quality. At the same time, we feel great responsibility towards both staff and students, and wish to minimise the risk for transmission of disease.

General policy for courses during the first half of spring semester

The Department of Physics has now decided that the following directives applies throughout the autumn semester:

Teaching will mainly be given online. Teaching must include elements which allow students to interact with the lecturer in real time, i.e., courses may not solely comprise self-studies and recorded lectures. Students who are taking their first semester at the department may require more time on campus, and for these groups there is a possibility to schedule more campus-based teaching. Also courses with few students may be given permission to have lectures on campus, if doing so gives a significant pedagogical advantage and given that the recommendations from the Swedish Public Health Agency can be followed.

Practical elements in courses (such as labs) will be given on campus, unless fully comparable activities can be offered online. Labs will be arranged in smaller groups, allowing for physical distancing.

Exams will be conducted online but may be carried out on campus if a remote solution is not considered to be an equally good option. An overview of all rooms will be made in order to ensure that physical distancing can be maintained.

Students who for any reason are unable to participate in teaching on campus will be offered the opportunity to complete practical elements in the later part of the semester (e.g., in commotion with the re-exam period).

Information about the specific details for each course given during the autumn is announced on the course page in the online catalog, under the heading "Teaching spring 2021" no later than December 15.