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Information about courses given during spring semester 2021

As there is still a large spread of infection in the Stockholm region, courses will continue to be given mainly remotely. The main principles below apply to courses given during the spring semester 2021.

Kurn i Strömningsmekanik

Course in Fluid Mechanics

What does a tsunami have in common with usual surface waves? How does an airplane wing work? Why does the wind usually work against you when riding a bike (even when the wind is from the side)? Are microbes good swimmers? These questions that span a huge range of length and time will be answered in the course Fluid Mechanics, which will be given during the spring of 2021

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Student Office

Gorica Nikolic, föreståndare på studentexpeditionen

Gorica Nikolic
Study Administrator

Room: in corridor B4.

Opening hours:
Presently the student office is only occasionally staffed. Gorica can be contacted through email or phone. Teachers and students can make an appointment with her if needed.
Phone: 08 5537 8650

Academic Advisor

Sara Broomé inne i Albanova

Sara Broomé

Room: corridor B4 next to the Student Office.

Only booked meetings at the office.

Drop-in counseling is open on Tuesdays 12:00-13:00 on Zoom.
Link to drop-in on Zoom:
When you log in you will be placed in a waiting room. Visitors will be let in one at a time for counseling.

Phone: +468 5537 8652