Report problems

Report problems



NOTE: Research staff should not contact Akademiska hus directly, all problems should be reported to the technical team as listed below


Technical Support Contacts

Urgent Problems (Working hours)

Contain the problem as much as is safely possible, and contact a member of the technical team by telephone (numbers below).

Urgent Problems (After hours)

Contact University Security to assist and assess the situation. They know who to contact for urgent after hours problems.

University Security:
Security office, 08-164200
Patrol guard,    08-162216


Non-Urgent Problems

Report building and laboratory issues:
Report IT or printer issues:
Mechanical problems with equipment: Thor Forsell
Problems with instruments/electrical: Christine Holmblad
Centrifuge room problems:
Autoclave room problems:
Access card problems: Alex Tuuling


Freezer problems (After hours)

If security contacts you about a problem with your freezer, this guide will help you decide what to do.

NOTE: A backup -80C freezer is located on House A level 5 mid, next to room A538, and the elevator. This is available for all to use in the event of a -80 freezer failure. The department has three -20 rooms, which can be used in the event of a -20C freezer or freezer room failure. They are A221, A362b and A546b.


Technical Staff

Christine Holmblad, 08-16 43 93
Thor Forsell,              08-16 25 19    
Britt-Marie Olsson, 08-16 24 49    
Ann-Britt Rönnell,   08-16 2729                                    


Computing Support Staff

Main contact:
Peter Nyberg
Astrid Raidl            
Erik Sjölund (on leave)         
Matthew Bennett (on paternity leave)   

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