NOTE: SU has no agreement with FedEx, so unless the recipient is paying it may not be used.

  • Fill out this  Special Delivery order form (265 Kb) .
  • Attach the form in an e-mail and send it to (You will receive a confimation-mail that your order has been registered)
  • Due to the situation with Covid-19 the secretariat is not always manned, so in the meantime make sure that someone will be there if you want to arrange for your package to be picked up there (Alex Tuuling would be the best person to contact), or organize the handover of your package with the delivery service directly yourself.

Special Delivery webpage


Courier services and freight companies procured by SU and can be used include:

  • Cargo Logistics Express C.LEX. AB
  • Jetpack Sverige AB
  • Marken Time Critical Express
  • Your special delivery service  Sweden AB
  • World Courier (Sweden) AB