What is the delivery address?

Stockholm University
Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics
Svante Arrhenius väg 16C
SE-106 91 Stockholm, Sweden

How do I get access to the staff gym?

First, contact Ann Nielsen for approval;, then contact Johan Cederström, e-mail:, Tel: 08-16 45 85


Human resources

How do I apply for a Swedish ID-number?

You apply at the Swedish tax Agency:

How do I register my bank account?

If you have a Swedish ID number, you can register your Swedish bank account in Primula. You will find the link to Danske Bank at the Primula home page.

How many vacation days do I have left?

You will find your current amount of vacation days in Primula under My page/Wage statement. The vacation days are updated in conjunction with each employment agreement.

How do I apply for parental leave?

You register your parental leave in Primula.

What gives me an extension of my PhD-time?

Teaching at the Department, assignments like being a safety representative and a few other assignments, sick leave, parental leave and leave of absence. Vacation does NOT give an extension.




What is the invoice address?

Stockholms universitet
190 87 Rosersberg
Reference: 431 + your name

More information about e-commerce:


How do I do to make a direct procurement?

What amounts concerning procurements?

How do I get started with procurement?


How do I get authorized to order through Raindance?

First, contact Ann Nielsen for approval;, Then book the course “Grundutbildning i e-handelsportalen” at:

How do I do to make a direct procurement?


Work environment, safety & environmental work

I have not used KLARA chemical database before, how do I proceed?

Log in once at, using your SU-account or student account. The system will recognize you as a user from now on.  Next, contact a KLARA administrator and explain how you need to use the database and they will give out suitable access rights.
For more information;

I just found out that I am pregnant. I am working in a lab, what do I need to do?

Talk to your group leader, or contact Liselotte Antonsson or a work environment representative. A risk assessment has to be performed before doing any more lab work!
For more information;

Where do I find information about the chemical I plan to use?

Go to and search the chemical database, search by product name, chemical name, CAS-number or product code (product number) and you will find information in the chemicals Safety Data Sheet. If you need help contact a KLARA administrator, see;

How do I discard a chemical?

See; or contact one of the KLARA administrators if you have questions.