HLTH WP 21-22 3_1 for EC e PC 19-11 (003) (295 Kb)

Copy of Kopia av Feed-back from PC WP21-22 Vs_3 N-20 (003) (27 Kb)


Draft of call texts for Horizon Europe 2021-2022: Cluster Health

Attached you find the third draft of call texts regarding Cluster Health in the next EU Framework Programme of Research and Innovation (2021-2028) – Horizon Europe.

Use key words to find out if there are calls/topics in this “cluster” for you and your collaborators. It´s an advantage to plan ahead of un upcoming call/topic.


If you have specific feedback on a topic in the draft , please fill in motivation to a change in the square next to the specific topic in the attached Excel document and send the file to maria.starborg@vr.se , in the morning of Mon 30 November at latest. 


It´s a strong advantage if the same feedback as yours is given by other organizations in EU and not by you only. For best impact, use your network.


Note that there is no budget set yet.