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Real science for the real world

Welcome to the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics!

If you are interested in the molecular processes of life our courses are definitely for you. You will study how proteins work, how they interact inside cells and what role they play in a number of diseases. In addition, you can learn about the composition of biomembranes and the essential role of membrane proteins in life processes. We also have methodology courses that deal with advanced techniques in Biochemistry, Biophysics, Bioinformatics and Structural Biochemistry.
Our courses range from the bachelor's to the master's level. The latter are strongly linked to our research which in many areas is world-leading. We offer one master's degree program and participate in a second one, both of which reflect the research at the Department. The Master's programs in Biochemistry and in Molecular Techniques in Life Science.


If you want to know more, go to the chemistry section website or the university course catalogue, choose the relevant semester and click on “Search”. A list of our course can be found in "Bachelor's and Master's studies" in the left menu.


For information about our post-graduate education (PhD) please look under "Research".



Associate Head of Department with responsibility for undergraduate studies
Daniel Daley
+46 8 16 2910

Associate Head of Department with responsibility for SciLifeLab
Arne Elofsson
+46 8 16 1019

Director of Doctoral Studies
Pia Ädelroth
+46 8 16 4183

Director of Master's Studies
Anna-Lena Ström
+46 8 16 1267

Director of Bachelor's Studies
Pia Harryson
+46 8 16 4238

Biochemistry Projects (Bachelor's & Master's level)
Peter Brzezinski
+46 8 16 3280

Biophysics Projects (Bachelor's & Master's level)
Jakob Dogan
+46 8 16 2470

Bioinformatics Projects (Master's level)
Arne Elofsson
+46 8 52481531

Traineeships (Bachelor's level)
Andreas Barth

PhD-student Administration
Maria Sallander (on leave)
+46 8 16 2456


Elisabeth Johansson
+46 8 16 2441

Course and program administration
+46 8 16 3713

School Collaboration
Agneta Norén
+46 8 16 2592

Info for Schools

The department has a long tradition of collaborating with schools in Stockholm to promote interest in Chemistry and Natural sciences. To find out more, contact Agneta Norén who is responsible for our school collaboration (see contact column above).

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