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Academic ceremonies and traditions in Sweden

All universities in Sweden have their own academic ceremonies. Learn more about the traditions that are common to most universities in the country.

Every university in the world has its own traditions and festivities. These are often associated with regularly-occurring events such as the welcoming of new students, formal installation of professors, and not least to graduation ceremonies. Swedish academic traditions are rooted in the various rites and ceremonies that developed throughout Europe, beginning in the thirteenth century when the first universities were founded.

This booklet will provide the non-Swedish reader with some background about academic traditions in Sweden. 

Swedish Academic Ceremonies and Traditions (602 Kb)

Swedish universities collaborate in the Swedish Academic Ceremony Convention to spread knowledge about our academic ceremonies and traditions. You can read more about the network at (Will be updated autumn 2020.) There you will also find a database of honorary doctors in Sweden as well as a calendar of upcoming academic ceremonies at Swedish universities.



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