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RATS theatre – a stage for research at Stockholm University

Performing dramatic works using hypermodern techniques and research, RATS theatre sparks dialogues about today’s biggest issues. Since April 2016, RATS has been a part of the research scene at Stockholm University.


Performances harnessing research, science and technology

With its artistic productions for the web, mobile phones and public spaces, RATS Theater has carved its own place in the Swedish theatre world. Performances utilise smartphones, GPS and technology to engage audiences in burning social issues. By using research, science and technology in its performances, they seek to revitalise art and culture for wider audiences in Sweden and internationally. The theatre company’s moniker proudly announces their goal– Research, Arts & Technology for Society.

Over the years, RATS has collaborated with a number of groups in the Järva area - from schools, parks, and libraries to businesses and Kista Science City. It has also worked with cultural institutions such as the Royal Dramatic Theatre (Dramaten), the Nobel Museum, the Swedish Exhibition Agency, the Swedish National Touring Theatre, the Stockholm House of Culture & City Theatre, and Stockholm City Museum.


The mission for RATS theatre

The goal is to increase interest in societal and research issues through art for an audience that doesn’t usually participate in public debates or the theatre. In Husby, which RATS has always called home, there are plans for a new space for digital and theatrical performances as well as seminars and workshops.

Rebecca Örtman is the founder and artistic director of RATS theatre. She has a degree in directing from Malmö Theatre Academy and a master’s in youth film, TV, and radio from Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. Rebecca Örtman has been named Järva’s ‘Hero of the Year’ and ‘Stockholmer of the Month’ for her work with technology and social scientists in Kista and youth in Husby.



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