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Mediterranean climate in focus at Swedish/Greek research station NEO

Researchers at Stockholm University and the Academy of Athens are leaders in climate and environmental research. TEMES is a Greek company that specialises in ecotourism. These partners have joined forces in the Kalamata region, at a research station founded in 2012.

Stockholm University is notable for its climate, oceanic and environmental research. Its reputation has been further strengthened with the establishment of the research station Navarino Environmental Observatory (NEO) in Greece. The station serves as a base for researchers as well as students studying the sensitive Mediterranean climate.

The research station was built by the Greek company TEMES S.A. which specialises in ecotourism in Messinia in southwest Greece. Together with the Academy of Athens, originally founded by Plato, Stockholm University has built a strategic partnership with TEMES.


Cross-disciplinary partnership

Research at NEO investigates changes in air, water, and land. For example, researchers examine water levels and dripstones in deep caves to better understand the region’s current and historical climate. Results are then compared with growth rings in ancient trees, changes in the coastline, and fluctuations in sea levels.  The researchers study human-caused changes as well as natural ones.

Cross-disciplinary cooperation over field, university, and international boundaries is the key to future success.

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