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How to appeal an employment decision

According to The Administrative Procedure Act a party is entitled to lodge an appeal against an employment decision.

An appeal of an employment decision at Stockholm University must be made in writing.
The appeal shall be addressed to the Higher Education Appeals Board (ÖNH), Box 7249, 103 89 Stockholm, but shall be sent to Stockholms universitet, Registrator, 106 91 Stockholm.

The appeal must reach Stockholm University within three (3) weeks of the date that the individual received notification of the decision, which is the day that the decision was posted on the Stockholm University notice board. The appeal must state which decision the individual is appealing against and how, in his or her view, the decision should be changed.
Decisions regarding doctoral studentships are, in accordance with chapter 12, section 2, of the Higher Education Ordinance, exempted from the right to appeal.

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