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A new bench in the Bergius Botanic Garden 

The Bergius Botanic Garden now has a new bench at the north entrance, a donation made by Sven Palmgren in memory of his wife Kersti.

Sven Palmgrens gåva till SU. Foto: Helena Björck
Sven Palmgrens gift to SU

– We never discussed donating a bench. On the other hand, there was a time you could donate a tree and we did consider it, but it never happened.

When Kersti died in 2019, Sven got in touch with the garden. He was told that they needed more benches at the north entrance (by the water opposite Bergshamra) and Sven made up his mind to donate a bench. In February 2020 the bench was in place, and Sven has been to see it a few times. He is satisfied with the location and hopes it will bring pleasure to others.

Sven and Kerstin joined the Friends of Bergius Botanic Garden in the early 1990s when they moved to Stockholm. Their interest in gardening was nothing new, Sven often came to the garden center at Frescati with his parents. Later on, Sven and his wife cultivated their interest in gardening together, and their visits to the garden center came to include visits to the Bergius Botanic Garden. Periodically they visited the garden every week.

– We used to start our visit with a long walk along the water and end it with a picknick.

One of their favourite spots lies somewhat hidden on a small hill with a lovely view of Brunnsviken.

– There used to be a bench here. You could sit there, eat your lunch and enjoy the view. 

Sven tells us they even celebrated Midsummer there a few times. These days he visits the garden every now and then and enjoys the surroundings. He is still a faithful member of the Friends of Bergius Botanic Garden.

The benches in the Bergius Botanic Garden are outdoors all year long giving visitors the opportunity to relax, enjoy the environment and to think. However, the wear and tear of the elements means that more benches are needed. Contact the the Bergius Botanic Garden if you would like to donate a bench or to support the garden in some other way. 

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