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A donation made a grass snake study possible 

A generous private donation has enabled researchers at the Zoology Department to use previously gathered data.

Snok. Foto:
Grass snake

In 2018, the Zoology Department received a generous donation from Mona Nörklit. Thanks to the donation, researcher Kristin Löwenborg was able to study longitudinal population data gathered by Carl Edelstam.

Edelstam was Senior Researcher at the Swedish Museum of Natural History. One of his main interests was snakes, and he devoted a major part of his life to their study, e.g. by observing a snake population in the Stockholm area for more than 60 years.

This unique material was made available by Edelstam’s children and it gave Kristin Löwenborg and her colleagues a rare opportunity to study such phenomena as changes in demography and seasonal adjustments over time and in relation to climate changes.

Kristin Löwenborg’s doctoral thesis about the grass snake
Department of Zoology

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