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Donation made by Google employees to Tarfala Research Station 

In order to support the activities at Tarfala Research Station, a collection was made by employees at Google Sweden and Google USA. The outcome was 101 000 SEK for climate research.


Donation made by Google employees to Tarfala Research Station 

Google anställda bidrar till Tarfallas klimatforskning
Tarfala research station

– I heard about Tarfala Research Station on social media. Science and facts are immensely important for continued work on sustainability and fossil free energy. I am grateful for people who are prepared to take on the hard work to gather vital data. I was impressed by the work carried out by Nina Kirchner and her colleagues, and I asked some of my colleagues if they wanted to contribute. The response was immediate – within two days the money was collected. As donors we can follow the work at Tarfala through their newsletter and we are very proud to have been able to make a contribution, says Serge Lachapelle who represents the donors.

Nina Kirchner and her colleagues have recently returned from the spring season at Tarfala where they have carried out the winter-spring mapping of a number of glaciers.

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