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Current projects

A donation can be made to a specific project, to a part of a specific project or to the University (in which case the President decides where the money can be best spent).

Invigning av konsthallen Accelerator. Foto: Jens Lasthein
Accelerator, Photo: Jens Lasthein

At Accelerator, art encounters research in an interdisciplinary dialogue on contemporary issues and challenges. The aim is to foster the exchange of knowledge and reflections on how art and science address current societal issues based on their respective disciplines.

The core of the activities carried out at Accelerator stems from interdisciplinary groups of researchers from all four faculties at Stockholm University. Accelerator is intended to be an open meeting place with a focus on art for the public, researchers and students. 
For more information about Accelerator and its programmes

Elektra. Foto: Eva Dalin
Elektra. Photo: Eva Dalin

Both Stockholm University and the University of Helsinki conduct strong Baltic Sea research, with somewhat different but complementary focus. Thanks to our strategic partnership we can strengthen the whole link from basic research to scientifically based advice to society. In the Baltic Bridge partnership this is developed further. Vast quantities of data which have already been gathered are now also subject to multidisciplinary analysis and can really be of use to society.

For more information about the collaboration and the Baltic Sea Centre

Bergius Botanic garden. Foto: Eva Dalin
Bergius Botanic garden. Photo: Eva Dalin

The Bergius Botanic Garden, situated at Brunnsviken, an inlet of the Baltic Sea, is a unique resource for research, teaching and recreation in Stockholm. The garden which is owned and managed by Stockholm University and the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has large outdoor plantations as well as two greenhouses containing a great variety of plants.

The University now seeks to develop the parts of the garden which are open to the public for the enjoyment of Stockholmers as well as Stockholm University for a long time to come.

For more information about the Bergius Botanic Garden and its programmes


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