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Foto: Neil Thomas on Unsplash.

About us

The Research Data Management Team is a university-wide support function, in collaboration between Stockholm University Library, the Archive, the IT department, the Office for Research, Engagement and Innovation Services, the Office of the President and the Bolin Centre Database for climate and earth system data.

The Research Data Management Team assists researcher and doctoral students, in achieving good data management, from the planning of a project until data is published and archived.

We can assist with:

  • Getting started with research data management.
  • Write a Data Management Plan.
  • Locating guidelines, rights and restrictions applicable to research data.
  • Assisting with the selection of a secure service for data storage.
  • Assisting with advice on data repositories, and how to make your data as open and FAIR as possible.
  • Curating data prior to publishing and archiving. 

We do department visits and are happy to arrange webinars and workshops for research groups, doctoral students, post docs or new employees.

Workshops and webinars

We offer webinars on data management practices, Data Management Plans, the FAIR principles, data publishing, open data, Electronic Lab Notebooks, data storage and archiving.

We offer workshops in Data/Library/Software Carpentry, together with KTH Library and KI Library in Stockholm Trio.

We gave the course Open Science for PhD Students (5 ECTS), in spring 2021.

Open events are announced in the staff calendar. If you, as a supervisor, collegiums and others would like to know more, please contact us.

Staff calendar
Data/Library/Software Carpentry workshop with Stockholm Trio
Open Science for PhD Students (5 ECTS)

Departments' research data network

In line with Stockholms University Research Data Policy, each department or centre organisationally placed under a faculty should have an appointed contact person for general questions about research data management. The contact is to communicate researchers' needs and distribute information between researchers and administration. The network is set up during 2022. Please, contact the data stewards for more information.

  • Merlijn de Smit, data steward in the Human Science Academic Area.
  • Erik Hedman, data steward in the Science Academic Area.

National and international research data collaborations

Stockholm University collaborates with several national and international actors that aim to enable the publishing of open and FAIR research data.

Swedish Research Council

The Swedish Research Council promotes and coordinates the national work on open access to research data. As part of this work, the SRC also coordinates the work with data management plans.

SRC's work with open access to research data

Swedish National Data Service

The Swedish National Data Service (SND) is a national infrastructure for research data. SND's main task is to support the availability, conservation and reuse of research data and related materials. You find courses and much practical advice on how to manage, structure, organize publish and preserve your research data correctly on the SND website.

Swedish National Data Service, SND

European Open Science Cloud

The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) is an initiative of the European Commission on a common, open and virtual environment for FAIR and open research data. It is a scientific ecosystem under construction with services for storage, handling, analysis and reuse of research data.

The EOSC builds on and connects existing solutions and infrastructures in the Member States that provide services for the storage, management, sharing, analysis and use of open research data. The EOSC portal will bring together European research infrastructures and make it easier to find and work with research data.

European Open Science Cloud, EOSC
EOSC portal


Research Data Management team
For questions on research data management, publication and preservation.