Remote access (VPN) is an encrypted connection to the university’s network which gives users with a laptop computer and a university workplace account the ability to connect to their normal workspace from anywhere with an internet connection. VPN stands for “virtual private network” and is the standard solution for securely connecting to a protected network.

Target audience

Employees of Stockholm University with a laptop computer and SU Workstation (Arbetsplatstjänsten)
What the service includes

  • Configured client
  • Encrypted connection to the university’s network
  • Same functionality as your normal workstation (although some systems may be not be available per the decision of the system’s administrator)
  • Separate password for increased security

Support for VPN

Access support for VPN at Helpdesk
In order to request the service, you need to have a laptop connected to SU Workstation (Arbetsplatstjänsten). For installation of the client, you must be connected to SU’s network and powered on.
Requests for VPN are made through Serviceportalen

Additional services

There are no additional services

Environmental benefits

There are considerable environmental benefits with VPN. Remote keyboard (RDP) services required 2 computers, a desktop computer at the workplace and a laptop. VPN only requires a laptop to access the university’s network.


VPN is included for users with SU Workstation (Arbetsplatstjänsten).

Important information about VPN

Limited support for connection problems

The service requires a functional internet connection. We cannot provide support for problems with your local connection.

Laptop computers and SU Workstation

The service requires a laptop computer that is connected to SU Workstation (Arbetsplatstjänsten)

Addition information

Questions or suggestions about the service should be submitted through Serviceportalen