Main purposes

  • To give all users of chemicals extensive safety information about the dangers of the products, in the form of summary risk and safety information and correct and up-to-date safety data sheets from each supplier.
  • Better availability of the chemicals, since all system users are able to see whether a chemical is already being held in the University. Users can then borrow a product from a colleague and reduce purchases of “infrequent buys”.
  • To make it easier for all users to make structured risk assessments. An employer is responsible by law for ensuring that all potentially dangerous activities, where there is a risk of someone suffering ill health or an accident at work, are preceded by a written risk assessment.
  • Better control of the chemicals handled throughout the University, as the University will be able, at central level, to retrieve information about holdings of volumes of, for example, products requiring permits.


An inventory will be held each year in January and February (1 January–28 February) when you will have to update your holdings in the system. If you have any questions or need support regardning the system, please contact Hanna Gustavsson, Chemical compliance officer, Property Management Office:


Training sessions for new inventory officers and users are held regularly. All training is free of charge and can be given in English when requested.

Basic inventory officer training

  • The KLARA system, introduction, background and purpose
  • How to carry out an inventory (step-by-step, basic level)
  • How to generate lists and reports
  • How to use the system to make risk assessments 

Educational movies for KLARA

Short and basic educational movies for KLARA divided into different chapters, intended for all users of KLARA, and for those responsible for inventory of the system. Note! The movies should be seen as a complement/repetition of existing educations.