A tool available to the entire University

In addition to the University’s central websites, most departments at the University now use Polopoly to manage their websites.

Benefits of a content management system

Unlike web authoring tools, such as Frontpage or Dreamweaver, Polopoly requires no knowledge of html or any other programming language, as the web editor inserts text, images and video into finished templates.

Focus on content instead of technology

Since the editorial work is based on templates, the focus moves from technology to content. The templates make it easy for the web editor to get it right, and the system ensures that the web pages have the correct font and that the design complies with the University’s visual identity.

Development that benefits all users

Polopoly is maintained in accordance with the University’s maintenance model and developed gradually according to operational needs. All development will benefit all users of the system, which means that users can expect the content management system to develop to accommodate new demands on accessibility, archiving, adaptability to mobile devices, etc.

Focus on the users

The general structure and terminology of the websites published in Polopoly are uniform in order to make it as easy as possible for our visitors to find the right information.

Even the editing interface is designed to make it easy to maintain and spread the web pages. For example, it allows editors to share a web page with other websites based on Polopoly.