Collaboration between the various interested parties is of great importance to effective and swift rehabilitation efforts, and for facilitating the employee's return to work.

The manager's responsibility

As manager, in accordance with the allocation of work environment responsibilities, you are responsible for actively carrying out rehabilitation efforts in accordance with the employer's responsibility and Stockholm university´s rehabilitation process, guidelines and procedures. 

1. Communication of procedures in case of sickness
As manager, you are responsible for ensuring that your employees are informed of the applicable procedures for sick leave and rehabilitation.

2. Preventative rehabilitation work
You must follow Stockholm University's guidelines regarding preventative rehabilitation efforts (länk till engelska förebyggande arbete), including following up early signs of sickness in your employees and initiating measures in the event of repeated short-term absence.

3. Initiating and conducting occupational rehabilitation 
This responsibility includes:

  • having regular contact with the employee throughout the period of sick leave
  • inviting to and/or participating in rehabilitation meetings
  • investigating and/or identifying possibilities for a return to regular work
  • planning and implementing measures (such as making adjustments) together with the employee within the scope of occupational rehabilitation, and follow up these measures
  • if needed, contacting or calling in expert help, such as your HR specialist/advisor from the HR Office and/or occupational health care
  • informing the employee that he or she may have a union representative for the entire rehabilitation process.

4. Documentation
You must document everything to do with the rehabilitation case; that is, all events, meetings and measures that are taken.

The employee's responsibility

1. Following the procedures in case of sickness
The employee is responsible for following procedures in case of sickness, in accordance with the sickness checklist – employee. The employee is then obligated to continually submit valid medical certificates to the manager.

2. Actively participating in the rehabilitation process

  • The employee must keep in contact with their manager throughout of the sick leave period.
  • The employee must provide the information about their capacity for work that is needed for the employer to be able to investigate the needs of occupational rehabilitation and to enable appropriate planning for a return to work. This means that the medical certificate submitted by the employee must be complete – only the diagnosis may be concealed.
  • The employee must, to the best of their ability, actively participate in investigations, planning and the implementation of his or her rehabilitation; for example, participate in rehabilitation meetings and carry out agreed plans.

The responsibility of other parties

The union representative's responsibility:

Union representatives can be an important support to the employee during the rehabilitation process. They can also participate during different kinds of rehabilitation meetings if the employee so wishes.

The HR Office's responsibility:

  • Establish Stockholm University's general procedures and other support for managers.
  • Giving advice and support, and being a resource available to managers during the rehabilitation process.
  • Investigating alternative options – such as a transfer – when a return to regular duties at the workplace is not possible.

The responsibility of occupational health care:

  • Supporting the employer during occupational rehabilitation.
  • Being experts on work-related ill health and offering managers advice and support.
  • Participating in the rehabilitation process as needed, such as by coordinating rehabilitation efforts or suggesting adjustments/adaptations.

The doctor's responsibility:

  • Medical rehabilitation, so that the employee can become fit and return to part-time or full-time work.
  • Providing information on medical facts to Försäkringskassan and, if needed, to occupational health care.

Försäkringskassan's responsibility:

  • Assessing entitlement to compensation (sickness benefit, rehabilitation allowance, sickness compensation, assistive devices etc.) from the 15th day of the sick leave period.
  • During ongoing sick leave, can also call a reconciliation meeting with the employee and their immediate manager. Other parties, such as the attending physician and union representative, may also participate.