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Salary payments

Your salary will be paid out on the 25th of each month, however there are certain exceptions. If the 25th falls on a Saturday, your salary will be paid out on Friday 24th. If the 25th falls on a Sunday, your salary will be paid out on Monday 26th. December’s salary is always paid out before Christmas Eve.

New employees

New employees need to send their tax certificate to the Human Resources Office. If you do not submit your tax certificate, 10 % additional tax will be deducted. You order your tax certificate at the Swedish Tax Agency. You need to review your salary statement each month. It is available in Primula under My pages.
>> To order your tax certificate

Salaries are paid through Danske Bank

All salary payments will be made through Danske Bank to each employee's bank account.

All employees must register their bank account at Danske Bank in order to receive salary payments to their regular bank account. There is a link in HR System Primula to Danske Bank and a BankID or e-ID (e-legitimation) has to be used to make the registration. If you have not yet received access to Primula, you can request the link from your department.

Recording bank details will not automatically make employees’ a Danske Bank client – it has to be done in order to make salary payments directly to the employees’ personal bank account.

If Danske Bank does not receive banking details, the salary will be paid out as a pay order/check instead to the address that is registered in Primula. When recording bank details, it is also appropriate that everyone verifies the address information in Primula.

Salary revision

>> Information about the salary review
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