To book travel requires that you have an updated traveller profile. It is important to update your work telephone number and mobile number, as the travel agency finds your profile directly when you call. This simplifies the booking process both when booking by telephone and via the online booking system.

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Fare Savings Finder

Egencia has a system that automatically looks for cheaper tickets once you booked your trip. If the system finds a cheaper ticket, Egencia and Stockholm University share the savings.

Example: Flight ticket is booked for 1000 SEK. Egencia will later find the ticket for 700 SEK. The traveler pays 100 SEK (1/3 of the savings) to Egencia.

Ticketing characteristics are never affected. The system creates great savings for Stockholm University and is always switched on.

See attachments for more info:
Fare Savings Finder (226 Kb) (pdf)
Fare Savings Finder Fee (51 Kb) (pdf)


Egencia's Customer Service

Both for online support and help with booking.
Opening hours: Monday–Friday at 08:00–17:00
(Same number for 24-Hours Emergency Service.)
Telephone: +46 31 724 55 20

If you have emergency travel requirements, queries or concerns after office hours, contact Egencia´s 24-Hours Emergency Service. Note that Egencia will charge an extra fee for 24-Hours Emergency Service – this service should only be used if absolutely necessary!

2022-02-21: Night trains can not be booked via ONLINE. Book only via personal service or directly with SJ.

Meetings & Events

Opening hours: Monday–Friday at 08:00–17:00
Telephone: +46 8 14 61 95


Egencia Resource Center

Egencia's help pages: demonstrations and guides. See, among other things, Travelers FAQs – frequently asked questions.

Egencia's service fees are as attached file below.

Welcome to contact Egencia!