Uber and Lyft

It is not allowed to use the service Uber, Lyft or similar companies for business travel. Stockholm University has a responsibility to ensure that our preferred suppliers do not engage in money laundering or have deficiencies in their obligations regarding taxes and social security contributions. These companies are only an intermediary booking service and there is no possibility for Stockholm University to carry out the necessary checks regarding the individual drivers/riders. It is also not possible to monitor the drivers’ working conditions. Business travel must be booked through a procured travel agency.

When ordering a taxi, until a new agreement is in place, contact one of the established taxi companies. Travel with FlyTaxi/TrainTaxi, in connection with business trips, can as usual be booked through our travel agency.

Overnight through Airbnb, HomeAway or similar supplier?

It is not allowed to use this type of booking of accommodation. At the state framework agreement "Hotel services" there is overnight stay of type "long stay" and STF hostel.