6.1 State personal insurance 

The State personal accident and injury insurance supplements the compensation you are entitled to as part of your salary agreement. Such supplementary compensation can, as a rule, be granted and paid without needing to investigate who is liable for the accident.

6.2 State group life insurance

Everyone who is covered by the General Agreement on salaries and benefits (see 1.3) (from the first day of employment) including PhD students with an education grant, are covered by group life insurance. 

The insurance covers a basic amount, a supplementary amount as well as a contribution to funeral expenses.

6.3 Pension

The age for retirement for all employees at Stockholm University is 65 years and is reached at the end of the month preceding the 65th birthday. An employee who wishes to continue working after the retirement age has a right to remain employed until the end of the month when he or she turns 68 years according to the Employment Protection Act.

An employee wishing to retire with age pension, whether it be at 65 or later, will be contacted by SPV (The National Government Employee Pensions Board) 7 months before he/she turns 65. SPV will ask the employee when he/she plans to retire. Information and a retirement form will be sent to the employee from SPV before the decided date of retirement.

The employee has to apply for national pension at the Swedish Pensions Agency (Pensionsmyndigheten) by him/herself.

Your total pension will consist of different parts:

At the website www.minpension.se you have the possibility to make a forecast of your total pension.