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Student Health Services’ "6-week programme"



Tuesday 5 October 2021


15.30 – 16.15


At the main entrance of Studenthuset and then outside

Get started with physical activity and improve your wellbeing with Student Health Services’ "6-week programme"

As a student with a fully-booked schedule, it is easy to forget about exercise and physical activity. But the fact is, your body and your brain need regular physical activity for optimal performance. Research shows that physical activity can reduce anxiety and depression and that we are able to cope better with stress when we exercise regularly. Our ability to concentrate, our creativity as well as our memory can be improved by something as simple as walking. With our "6-week programme" we offer you the possibility to discover the positive effects of simple everyday exercise. We help you get started.

More about the group

For a period of six weeks, once a week, you have the opportunity to participate in a group where we do simple outdoor exercise together. Every session will last for  approximately 40 minutes. The level of activity will vary from walking to a little more heart rate-boosting exercise. In the beginning of the programme it will be possible to book an individual coaching session with focus on your personal goals. One goal may be to get started with exercise on your own alongside the group sessions.

For whom?

The group is aimed at all students who want support and motivation to get started with new exercise habits. New as well as regular students are welcome. You do not need to have any previous training experience.


If you would like to know more about the group, you are welcome to join our introductory meeting at Zoom on Thursday 30 September at 15.30.


Dates: Tuesday 5 October until Tuesday 9 November

Time: 15.30–16.15

Location: We meet outside the main entrance of Studenthuset at Frescati campus.

Covid-19: All our outdoor activities will follow the restrictions due to covid-19 and will be done in a safe way.

Notification and information:
Last notification date is Monday 4 October. The group will have a maximum of twenty participants.

Jogging outdoors