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How to apply to Erasmus internships abroad

On this page, you will find information on how to apply for Erasmus+ traineeships. Note that Erasmus+ traineeship grant applications need to be submitted at least 6 weeks prior to the start of the internship.


Students are allowed to participate in a mobility activity to the extent that it can be carried out safely with regard to travel restrictions. Furthermore, students have to follow the regulations and recommendations of the receiving country and organisation. 

Due to the ongoing pandemic, special rules apply to Erasmus+ mobilities:

Erasmus+ scholarships are only granted for physical mobility. 

  • Physical mobility = The studies/traineeship takes place on site in the host country. The student is physically present in the host country during the mobility.
  • Virtual mobility = The studies/traineeship takes place online either from Sweden or another country (not host-country). The mobility does not take place in the host country.

In the online-application, the student must specify if part of the mobility is planned online as virtual mobility.

For mobilities starting after 1 January 2022: 

The physical mobility period has to be 60-360 days. A virtual mobility period can be added.

Note: financial support is only granted for physical mobility, not for days of virtual mobility. If we receive information about the virtual mobility after the student has received his/her first payment, the grant amount will be adjusted and the student may need to repay part of the scholarship if the final amount is less than the amount already received.

If the Ministry for Foreign Affairs advices against travels to the host destination, an approval from the Head of Department is required. 


1. Find an internship

You are responsible for finding an eligible traineeship/internship/work placement.

Contact your home department for tips and guidance regarding internship and career opportunities. You may also look at: 

Adverts received centrally at Stockholm University

Adverts received by the Swedish Council for Higher Education


2. Fill in a Learning Agreement and get it approved

Once you have been offered a traineeship/internship/work placement meeting the criteria and you fulfil the programme requirements, you should contact an exchange coordinator at your department for an assessment. If the internship can be approved  to be acceptable and relevant for your studies, all three parties (you, the department and receiving organization/enterprise) have to agree on the Learning agreement – before the mobility- to be completed and signed.
  Guidelines Learning Agreement for Traineeship (557 Kb)

Once completed and signed, the Learning Agreement for Traineeship should be uploaded in the online-application form.


3. Grant application

Once the internship/traineeship has been approved by the department, you meet all the requirements for Erasmus+ traineeships and you have a signed Learning agreement you can apply for the Erasmus+ grant. Email to to get access to the online-application form. 

Note that the application form needs to be submitted at least 6 weeks before the start of the internship. Scholarships will not be granted for traineeships that have already started. 

You can apply for the traineeship grant between August 1 and 31 May. During summer vacation we do not accept or handle Erasmus+ traineeship applications. During the holiday season (December/January) processing time may be slightly longer. Apply in good time if you would like to apply for an Erasmus+ traineeship with intended start in July/August/September or January/February.

If your application has been successful you will receive information about the mandatory steps to be completed before the start of the traineeship: 



For questions regarding Erasmus+ traineeship:

Contact your departmental international coordinators

For questions regarding Erasmus+ traineeship grant:

Contact the Erasmus-team at the Student Services:

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