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Checklist for Erasmus students going abroad with a disability

Start planning your studies abroad well in advance.

In order to find out what support will be available to you, inform the exchange student coordinator at your institution about your disability for them to contact the partner university.

Departmental international coordinators at Stockholm University

Get in touch with the student disability coordinators in order to:

  • Discuss your plans of studying abroad.
  • Inform about your disability/ies and how they may affect your studies.
  • Inform about the current support you receive (both as a part of and outside your studies).
  • Forward documents which support your disability claim from a doctor, psychiatrist or similar (this is a requirement in order to receive support from the university).

Should the coordinator assess that your current disability entails additional expenses during your exchange, you may apply for increased Erasmus student support funding. In that case:

Contact Erasmus staff via email to inform them of this application at

Please note that arranging further support, such as transportation, physiotherapy, therapist, wheelchair, customised computers or other aids is your own responsibility.


Contact with medical institutions

Bring documents which support you disability, such as a doctor’s note or similar. These documents must be in English.

In case you need medical assistance at your place of study, make sure you get in contact with the relevant institution beforehand.

If you are bringing medication in large quantities, ask your doctor to provide documentation confirming its use. Also, make sure you are aware of the regulations regarding you medication in the country you will be studying in.



If you have special requirements regarding your accommodation, add this information on your application form.

Find out if your accommodation fits your needs.

If you require assistance, find out if someone will be able to help you with transport from the airport to your accommodation.



Check if you require additional insurance. You are automatically insured through Kammarkollegiet’s exchange student insurance.

Kammarkollegiet's exchange student insurance

If you do not already have one, order a European Health Insurance Card at

Student disability coordinators


Erasmus coordinator


Departmental international coordinators at Stockholm University


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