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Admission requirements

On this page, you will find the admission requirements for applications to the university-wide agreements and networks. This applies to applications concerning the academic year of 2020/21 and onwards

In addition to the requirements stated below, there may be additional requirements by the partner institutions regarding language or subject skills.


General admission requirements

The general admission requirements concern applications through the central agreement and networks of Stockholm University. Qualified applicants have to meet the following criteria:

Registration of on-going studies documented in Stockholm University‚Äôs Ladok system. Students on study leave do not meet the requirements. The registration in Ladok is checked on the last application day of the call for application. 

University-wide agreements and networks: 

  • At least 15 higher education credits from Stockholm University registered in Ladok before applications close.
  • At least 60 higher education credits must be obtained from Stockholm University before departing on your exchange (does not apply to Erasmus+, Civis and Nordlys).
  • At least 30 higher education credits must be obtained before a nomination is reported to a partner university/institution (does not apply to Erasmus+, Civis and Nordlys).

The fulfilment of these requirements will be checked in July and January, respectively. If you have failed to obtain 60 higher education credits before departure, your nomination and exchange may be cancelled.

The planned exchange period shall be full time studies and credits shall be transferred to Stockholm University upon return. A preliminary course selection shall be agreed upon by the International Coordinator/Study Counsellor at your department or a Degree Officer at the Degree Office. The preliminary course selection shall be included in the application. 

If you have applied and been nominated through the central agreement or networks and then dropped out more than once, you may not apply again the following academic year.


Further admission requirements

There may be specific, further admission requirements, which you and your exchange coordinator must verify before making the preliminary course selection. To find out if there are any restrictions of subjects at a specific higher education institution, access the agreement database.

Examples of possible further requirements:

  • Language or subject skills.
  • Lowest acceptable grade.
  • Documentation of language level (high school diploma, TOEFL/IELTS or similar).
  • Intention to graduate at Stockholm University.

Students studying at GIH who conduct a part of their studies at Stockholm University can also apply, provided a certificate of enrolment from GIH.

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