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Q&A on the coronavirus for international and exchange students

This information is for international and exchange students who have applied or been admitted for studies at Stockholm University.

This Q&A will be updated when there are new regulations and directives from the Swedish Government and when new decisions are taken by the University, please check back regularly for updates.


Study form at Stockholm University

From 22 March 2022 teaching and examination will mainly take place according to the regular form on campus.

Contact you department for specific information about your courses or programme:


Migration and travel to Sweden

Due to the pandemic, the requirement for on-campus attendance does not apply in spring 2022. This means that, assuming that all requirements are met, the Swedish Migration Agency can issue a residence permit for studies even if your education is conducted entirely or partially online due to national recommendations relating to the prevention of Covid-19. This only applies to courses and programmes that were supposed to be taught on campus (students admitted to regular distance educations will still not be able to receive a residence permit for studies).

The Migration Agency has an FAQ for students and we suggest you check back for updates regularly: Frequently asked ques­tions about studying and rese­ar­ching in Sweden 

The previous entry ban, related to the COVID-19 pandemic, ended on 31 March 2022. From 1 April 2022 a negative test or vaccine certificate is not required to enter Sweden. Ordinary entry requirements applies, like holding a valid travel document, and possibly a visa.
Find further details on the Swedish Police Authority website. 

And on the Public Health Agency of Sweden website


Health and insurance

Yes, everyone aged 12 or older, or who will turn 16 this year, will be offered vaccination. You do not have to be a Swedish citizen to get vaccinated. If you have a Swedish Personal Identity you can book an appointment through the Alltid öppet app or via phone. If you do not have a Swedish Personal Identity number you can contact a healthcare centre (vårdcentral) for an appointment. Use the map function on the search page for health care clinics in the Stockholm region to find your nearest health care clinic. You do not have to pay for vaccination against COVID-19.

Find more information on how to book an appointment for vaccination at

Staring from January 2022, students who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 in Stockholm, and who do not have a personal identity number or coordination number, can obtain a COVID certificate by calling the following phone support number: 08-123 365 78.

Yes, if you have a Swedish Personal Identity you can order a PCR test through the Alltid öppet app. If you do not have a Swedish Personal Identity number you can contact a healthcare centre (vårdcentral) and get help from them. Use the map function on the search page for health care clinics in the Stockholm region to find your nearest health care clinic. The tests are free of charge if you live, work or stay in Stockholm County.

Find more information on how get tested at

Exchange students are covered by the insurance Student-IN which will cover all major health care expenses. Remember to keep all your original receipts to make an insurance claim. Note that the insurance only applies while in Sweden. If you study your exchange courses online from your home country please be advised to look for your own insurance coverage. 

Insurance for students

EU/EEA citizens and citizens from Switzerland should register for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in their home country before coming to Sweden. This card gives the right to medical care at the same cost as Swedes. Remember to always bring the card when seeking medical care.

Fee-paying international students are covered by FAS - The Swedish State’s Insurance for Fee-Paying Students. Note that the insurance only applies while in Sweden, or in the Schengen area (for Schengen visa holders).

Insurance for fee-paying students.

All students who are staying in Sweden for more than one year should apply for a Swedish personal number, which will entitle them to the same healthcare services as other Swedish residents. 

Swedish personal identity number


Postponement of your studies

If you are an exchange student: Contact your exchange coordinator at your home university if you would like to postpone or cancel your exchange. They can help with the details and depending on the format of the exchange agreement between your home university and Stockholm University, they can possibly nominate you for the next semester.

If you are an international student: There are specific guidelines in Sweden and at Stockholm University regarding the grounds for deferral. These grounds are related to medical situations, legal requirements, or other situations that make it impossible for you to start your studies as planned. As for the coronavirus pandemic, it is not in itself a ground for deferral. If you are unable to commence your studies you can apply for deferral and verify the reason for the deferral by providing documentation, for example, a doctor's certificate if you have fallen ill. When you apply for deferral a decision regarding your possibility to defer will be made on an individual basis. If you will not be able to commence your studies and you cannot be granted a deferral, you are instead recommended to decline the offered seat. You are much welcome to apply again next year and declining your offer will not affect your chances of being admitted again next year.

Read more about the application for deferral for international students


Suspension of studies (for programme students only)

International programme students who want to take a temporary break from their studies can apply for approved leave from studies (studieuppehåll). The application should be submitted to the responsible department directly. If you need a residence permit for studies in Sweden be sure to contact the Migration Agency regarding your specific situation, to see how approved leave from studies could affect your residence permit in Sweden: Contact Migrationsverket The Swedish Migration Agency for more information.


Tuition fee and reimbursements (for fee-paying students only)

Spring semester 2022
The deadline for payment of the tuition fee is 15 December and there are no formal extensions of the deadline.

Autumn semester 2022

The deadline for payment of the tuition fee is 1 June and there are no formal extensions of the deadline.

Payment and repayment of tuition fee



When prevented from commencing studies after the tuition fee has been paid (but before commencing studies) for reasons beyond the student’s control, the student is first offered deferment, not repayment. Repayment may only be made for verifiable, special reasons.

In the event an application for a residence permit is denied, the tuition fee may be repaid after the start of the term, as the student will not have been able to claim their place. No repayment is made for the part of the course or study programme already completed by the student.

If you register for a course/courses within a programme a non-completion of studies must be registered in the study documentation system (LADOK). This must be done no later than three weeks after the commencement of a course for reimbursement of the tuition fee to be granted.

Rules on payment and repayment of the tuition fee

No, the tuition fee for the programme will be the same regardless of whether the teaching form is online or on-Campus.  


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