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Tuition fee payment, timeline autumn semester 2022

The following timeline applies to students who have been admitted in the first admissions round.

7 April - Master's results published 

Notification of selection results for Master’s programmes are published. Students admitted to a Master’s programme who are required to pay tuition fees will be sent a link to an electronic application form for the Stockholm University scholarship via email.

These students will also be sent a separate link to an electronic form confirming that they want to receive an invoice covering the tuition fee should they not be awarded a scholarship.  


11 April - Deadline Scholarship application, Master's

Deadline for application to the Stockholm University scholarship.

13 April - Bachelor's results published

Notification of selection results for Bachelor’s programmes and courses are published. 

These students will recieve a link to an electronic form confirming that they want an invoice sent.  


28 April - Scholarship results Swedish Institute, Master's

The results for the SI scholarship are announced at


April and May - Invoices are sent to admitted students

Students will receive a link to an electronic form confirming that they want an invoice sent. Invoices are sent to admitted students in the first admission round. For students who are admitted late (have made a late application/have been placed on a waiting list and are now being offered a study seat) the invoices will be sent on a weekly basis. 


3 May - Scholarship results Stockholm University, Master's  

The results for the SU scholarship are announced. The nominees will receive an email confirming that they are awarded the scholarship, approximately from 3 May. 


1 June - Deadline for payment of the tuition fee

Students required to pay the tuition fee must pay by 1 June.  


Residence permit application

Once the tuition fee instalment has been paid and registered, students may apply for a residence permit for studies.

Residence permit for studies


If you have applied in the second admission round

Students from a country outside the EU/EEA will most likely not have enough time to apply for and receive their residence permit before the start of the semester if admitted in the Second admissions round. Students who wish to proceed with the payment of the first instalment, despite the residence permit difficulties that are likely to occur, should be informed of the following:

  • Students need to reply to the First Notification of Selection Results by 22 July on
  • The invoices can unfortunately not be sent until after the second notification of selection results has been published (28 July 2022), as students are not considered to be definitely admitted until then.
  • Once the invoice has been received, the tuition fee should be paid promptly and a residence permit application should be done as soon as possible after the payment.

Information on how to pay the tuition fee can be found on our website.

Payment and repayment of tuition fee

In order for your tuition fee status to be reconsidered, you need to present new documentation of your status. Please follow the instructions to request a re-assessment that you can find at the link below. 

General rule and exemptions from paying the tuition fee


FAQ Costs, fees and scholarships

Find the answer to the most frequently asked questions about costs, fees and scholarships, or contact us for more information and guidance.

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