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“At Stockholm University there are always opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations”

Andrea Lucarelli is Associate Professor in Marketing at Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University. His research is about the impact of marketing and consumption models on society.

He thinks the interdisciplinary focus in teaching is important in today’s complex society.

What is it like being a teacher at SU?

“As a business administration academic I think the best being here is that, unlike in other business schools, there are always opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations, both in terms of teaching (joint programmes) as well as research (trans-faculty research grants and projects).”

Andrea Lucarelli sitting on a flight of stairs.
Andrea Lucarelli Photo: Rickard Kihlström

What do you get out of being both a teacher and a researcher?

“My main research is on the political and geographical dimensions of marketing and consumption activities and phenomena, as well as how marketing concepts are applied in non-business contexts.

I bring many examples from my research into the classroom for enhanced critical thinking

For example within political parties, cities, and in sports. I bring many examples from my research into the classroom for enhanced critical thinking. I think students enjoy it, their feedback tells me so!”

What impact can your research have on society?

“Society today is becoming more and more consumer-based, where business terms are increasingly being used into non-business fields. By journalists, politicians, public organisations as well as by citizens, individuals and civil society.

The main focus thus, is to unpack the effect and impact that the adoption of marketing and consumptions models, concepts and activities have in society. This is the important activity of ‘translation’ in which researchers like myself should be engaged.” 

Tell us your views on having an international study environment!

“[An international study environment] is crucial not only because we are living in an increasingly globalised world, but also because international connections bring new insights which are pivotal for impactful research and effective teaching.”

What would you say to a student considering studying Marketing at Stockholm University?

“Being part of Stockholm University adds value to our courses at the Stockholm Business School (SBS), in the form of interdisciplinary content. Many of the teachers at SBS strive to teach business in the traditional manner while also embedding and connecting subject matter to other fields, for example cultural studies, sociology and philosophy. Such interdisciplinary approaches give a particular edge which is important in today's complex society.”

More about Andrea

Associate Professor in Business Administration 

“Stockholm is very geographically sparse, I enjoy exploring each small part of it. Still after 10 years of living here, I do not think I have explored it all!”

What are you teaching at SU?

“I supervise master's and bachelor's thesis projects as well as teach research methodology courses and cultural communication courses.”

What is your field of research and your current project?

“Place branding, political marketing, consumer culture, history of advertising and sports marketing.”

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