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“I found my community”

Narmina is a second-year master's student from Georgia. She studies sociology and she is interested in inequalities in society. Watch the film and read the text below to get to know her story.



“I just had very general information about Scandinavia. I knew Sweden is always at the top of happiness index ranking lists, and I was very curious to understand: why is that?
Also, I had a theorical knowledge of what welfare is, but as a sociologist I really wanted to come here and see how it works in practice.

I feel that after moving to Stockholm my life changed a lot, and I know that it may sound unbelievable but here I discovered myself. I have a counselor from Stockholm University with whom I talk; like last winter I was feeling a bit tired and sad, but she was there, and we talked twice a month and for free! And it felt really great to have someone who is professional and who knows how to speak to you.

In a way I feel the same support from the professors, and I like their approach to teaching. They are teaching you, but at the same time they leave you some room so that you can explore. They teach in a way that makes you even more interested in the subject and more curious, and you start exploring it on your own to find out more.

My father always said: you should get an education and become an independent and strong woman. He was finding new ways trying to encourage me, and I still remember when he said he would buy me a car if I studied. And probably because of him and because of the culture I grew up in, I learned that I always had to work really hard, and I think that is great, but that means I didn’t have much time for myself or any free time at all. I felt like a machine!

But since I moved to Sweden, I understand that is important to have a good balance between studying, working hard and free time. And I feel that the university system is also built upon this life philosophy, you study for a certain time and then you take time for yourself. 
And because of this, or thank to this, here in Sweden I finally had the chance to meet myself; and so I said: ‘Hey Narmina! We met each other here.’

I re-evaluated everything I knew. I started yoga, and I take walks in the forest and feel directly in harmony with nature. I feel blessed. And this process of meeting myself and exploring my emotions has been very fulfilling, and it’s still going on. And I think this is all thanks to the life philosophy the whole country is built upon.”

Narmina Guseinova

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