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Nora torg

Nora Torg accommodation area is located in the northern part of the city, close to Mörby Centrum and not far from Stockholm University. Here we rent 28 studio apartments that are available to international students at Stockholm University.


Location and room information

The Nora Torg building is located close to Mörby Centrum and is not far from Stockholm University. The building has a couple of offices as well as apartments.

Stockholm University rents 28 studio apartments that are between 18-22 square meters. On each floor there is a large common kitchen, and in the basement, there is a laundry room and a sauna.  

These apartments are for single occupancy only, double occupancy and overnight guests are not allowed.


Application information

Please note that the apartments at Nora Torg are only for single occupancy. Overnight guests are not allowed.

You cannot choose a specific room or a specific size on the accommodation application. However, you may specify if you would prefer a small room, a big room or a cheap room under "additional information" on the application form.



ll apartments have a private bathroom and a small private kitchen area with cooking facilities (2 hot plates) and a small fridge. Some of the apartments on the entrance floor have a private terrace and the apartments on the 2nd floor have a private balcony.

The apartments are basically furnished with a bed, chair, table and dresser. Please note that you must bring or purchase your own blanket, pillow, sheets and towels as these are not included.


Rent and payments

All accommodation is rented out on a semester basis and charged accordingly.

The rent for one semester is between SEK 32 500 and SEK 34 000 and that includes heating, cold water, hot water, electricity and internet (not Wi-Fi). Excessive use of electricity will be charged extra.

The rent will be paid in two installments. For more payment information log into your accommodation account.



Internet is included in the rent, however we do not supply Wi-Fi. You must bring your own network cable to be able to use the internet, and also a router to be able to use Wi-Fi.  

Please note that network cables or routers from other countries may not work in Sweden, so we suggest you buy it in Stockholm.



When you arrive, you will receive one apartment key and one mailbox key. There is also an entrance code that you will be given upon arrival. 


More information

For more information about the accommodation, area, amenities as well as general rules and regulations please read Tenant information Nora Torg (500 Kb) . Here you will also find information on How to get to Nora Torg (476 Kb) with local transport.

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