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Lappis (Lappkärrsberget)

Lappis accommodation area is located within walking distance from Stockholm University Campus Frescati. Here we rent a total of 266 corridor rooms that are available to exchange students at Stockholm University.


Lappis housing area was built in the late sixties and consists of buildings between four and six floors high. There is a mix of corridor rooms and apartments, however Housing Office only provides corridor rooms, with 8 to 12 rooms in each corridor. All the buildings are owned by SSSB and are spread out on three streets: Amanuensvägen, Forskarbacken and Professorsslingan. All rooms are 17-23 square meters, have a private bathroom with shower and WC, and access to a common kitchen shared with the other students living in the same corridor. All corridors are mixed gender and mixed nationality.

Lappkärrsberget (Lappis). Photo: Clément Morin

The corridor rooms at Lappis are only for single occupancy. They are only available for exchange students that are members by SSCO, meaning that you need to be a member of a student union (see SUS and DISK). Confirmation of this need to be sent in during the beginning of each semester. You cannot choose a specific room, a specific size or a specific floor on the accommodation application. However, you may specify if you would prefer a small room, a big room, a cheap room, a room on the ground floor, a room not located on the ground floor and so on under "additional information" on the application form.

Also note that you must choose three different types of accommodation when you fill out the housing application. If you receive an offer, we will try to give you your first option, but please note that this might not be possible, and we cannot guarantee that the offer will be for one of these three options.


All accommodation is rented out on a semester basis and charged accordingly.

The rent for one semester is between SEK 20 685 and SEK 27 625, and that includes heating, cold water, hot water, electricity and internet (not Wi-Fi). Excessive use of electricity will be charged extra.

The rent will be paid in two installments. For more payment information log into your accommodation account.


All corridor rooms are furnished with a bed (size: 200 cm long and 90 cm wide), a mattress, a desk and a chair. Some rooms may have curtains, blinds or extra lamps and chairs which were left by previous tenants for your use.  However, these are not provided by the Housing Office and cannot be guaranteed. You must bring your own quilt, pillow, sheets and towels.

The kitchen is equipped with refrigerators, freezers, private cupboards and a stove (with oven and hot plates). Cooking utensils and dinnerware are not provided by the Housing Office, so you may have to purchase these items if kitchen articles are not left by previous tenants.


Internet is included in the rent, however we do not supply Wi-Fi. You must bring your own network cable to be able to use the internet, and also a router to be able to use Wi-Fi. Please note that network cables or routers from other countries may not work in Sweden, so we suggest you buy it in Stockholm.


When you arrive you will receive one apartment key and one electronic badge for entrance and common spaces. You may be required to buy your own padlock for your postbox and your kitchen cabinet.


For more information about the accommodation, area, amenities as well as general rules and regulations please read Information for tenants at Lappis (16574 Kb) . Here you will also find a map of Lappis (181 Kb) , instructions on how to book the laundry room (950 Kb)  , information on how to get to Lappis with local transport (778 Kb)  and  Internet activation guide (352 Kb)

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