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Departure information

Here are some guidelines that you need to think about before your departure. Make sure you have read and done all that is asked of you before you go back to your home country.


Cleaning Instructions

All tenants are responsible for final cleaning prior to departure.  This includes your accommodation and all shared facilities such as kitchens (freezer, fridge, cupboards) study rooms and common areas.  Please see detailed instructions for:

Tenants living in a corridor with shared kitchen (32 Kb)

Tenants living in a corridor with shared kitchen and bathroom (32 Kb)

Tenants living in a shared accommodation (35 Kb)

Tenants living in a single accommodation (36 Kb)

Please follow the cleaning instructions carefully and remove all personal items.  It is not permitted to leave personal belongings in your room or in any communal areas for the next tenant (including extra furniture, clothes, electronic devices, bed lines, pillows, quilts, food, hair gel, soap, garbage bags and so on). The only items you are permitted to leave behind are kitchen items such as plates, bowls, cups, utensils, pots, pans and so on. If you leave these behind, you must wash them with dish washing liquid and put them away in the cabinets before you move out.


Housing Inspection

All student accommodations will be inspected either during tenancy, or after the tenant has moved out. More information regarding the inspections will be sent by e-mail to all tenants in December. This is to ensure that the accommodation will be cleaned properly, all personal belongings will be removed and nothing in the room has been damaged or needs repair. 

If your room has not been cleaned properly you will be required to pay a cleaning fee. This is a set fee from the cleaning company, and does not reflect the amount of cleaning needed. In addition, if you have smoked in your accommodation and a cleaning specialist is required to decontaminate your accommodation, you will be charged the cost of this extra work. If all of your personal belongings are not removed before you move out, you will be required to pay for the cost of removing these items. This cost can vary depending on what type of items need to be removed.


Key Return

Keys must be returned to the Servicecenter located in Södra Huset, Entrance D, Floor 4 (right next to the Stockholm University Library) on Campus Frescati. They are currently open Monday to Thursday between 08:00-16:00 (8 am- 4 pm) and Friday 08:00-15:00 (8 am - 3 pm). If you cannot return the keys direclty to Servicecenter, you can drop the keys in the Key Box located outside entrance D of Södra Huset (on the left side of the revolving door). You must put your keys in an A5 envelope with the address of your accommodation written on it. Remember to seal the envelope before you put it in the Key Box.

If you have any questions regarding cleaning and/or key return up please contact the Housing Office via e-mail at:

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