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Apply for accommodation other international students

All international students are eligible to apply for accommodation, however exchange students and international master students with the scholarship Stockholm University Scholarship Scheme are prioritized. Please read more about the process below.


Who is eligible?

Due to changes in government regulations, Stockholm University may only be permitted to rent accommodation to exchange students on university agreements and guest researchers after 2021-12-31.  We do not know for certain what additional student groups we will be permitted to rent to from next year, which means that we may not be able to rent accommodation to other international students at Stockholm University from spring semester 2022 and onwards. This page will be updated when we have more information about this.

All international students are eligible to apply for accommodation from the Housing Office. If you are a PhD student however, you should apply for researcher housing.

There is a considerable housing shortage in Stockholm.  Therefore, during the autumn semester we generally can only offer accommodation to the prioritized groups, which are exchange students from partner universities and master students with a scholarship from Stockholm University Scholarship Scheme. If you belong to any of these groups, please read Apply for accommodation exchange students.

However due to covid-19 we will prioritize non-exchange international students for 150 of our accommodations during the autumn semester 2021. These accommodations are at the areas Idun, Kurland and Nora Torg. During the spring semester there is also normally a better chance for other international students to receive housing. For the students that we cannot offer housing, we refer to our information with advice on how to find housing on the private market.

Please note that accommodation cannot be provided to students with children because we do not have apartments that are suitable for families. Please also note that we cannot provide accommodation for students that have a Swedish citizenship.

Student accommodation is rented on a semester basis, and charged accordingly with set arrival and departure dates.

If your studies continue for one academic year (i.e. Autumn-Spring), you can apply for an extension for a second semester later on. The maximum rental period for all students is two semesters.

To apply for accommodation, please register online at our booking system here . When your application has been submitted, it is placed in a housing queue. 

Note that you cannot change your housing options at a later date, hence please make sure that you read about our different housing areas before applying for accomodation.

Also note that you must choose 3 different types of accommodation when you fill out the housing application. Please note that non-exchnage student appplicants can only apply for the accommodation areas Idun, Nora Torg, Kurland and Hovbeslag. 

If you receive a housing offer, we will try to give you the first option, but please note that this might not be possible, and we cannot even guarantee that the offer will be from one of your three options.

Please register your application at our online booking system here

In the following steps you will be asked to fill in personal details, upload passport and choose your preferences. Please see our Accommodation Application Guide (412 Kb) for more instructions. After all of these steps are completed your application will be placed in a housing queue, and accommodations are offered accordingly. 

If you have any problems filling out the application, please email us at and make sure you include a screen dump so we can see what the problem is.

If we can offer you an accommodation – you will be notified by e-mail. The offer (e-mail) will contain the rental contract, as well as information about the type of accommodation, accommodation area, cancellation rules, payments, due-date for sending in acceptance letter etc. Please read all information carefully before accepting your accommodation offer online.

The application period for the spring semester 2021 is over. For questions on availability, please send an email to

All rent contracts for the spring semester 2021 will start on January 17, 2021 and will end on June 11, 2021.

The application period for the autumn semester 2021 will start on May 18, at 09:00. Accommodations will be offered based on the date and time we have received your application. 

All rent contracts for the autumn semester 2021 will start on August 21, 2021 and will end on January 14, 2022. 

If you have recieved an accommodation offer for the autumn semester 2021, you will have to verify that you will be a student at Stockholm University. You will have to provide us with your Acceptance Letter, Notification of Election Results from Stockholm University. This will have to be sent to at latest 2021-08-01.

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