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Finding accommodation in Stockholm

Stockholm University has a limited amount of housing, and therefore we cannot offer accommodation to all international students that have applied. For those that we cannot offer housing, please see advice below on how to find housing on the private market.

It is quite difficult to find student housing in Stockholm, therefore, it is important to start your housing search well in advance. Although finding housing in Stockholm may be tedious and hard work, most students find somewhere to live after a while. We have listed below some websites which may be useful for your housing search.

General information and tips and tricks on how to find housing in Stockholm can be found below.

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Rent a room in Stockholm

A good suggestion is to find a room which is near good public transportation routes to the university.  Stockholm is not so big and public transportation works really well, so don’t get obsessed with getting a room close to the university. If you look for rooms in a broader area you will have a better chance of obtaining housing.  Take a look at (public transportation journey planner) to see how long it will take to get to the University from your accommodation.


Ads on notice boards

Check the notice boards at the University for ads on subletting of apartments and rooms. Also check the notice boards at Lappkärrsberget, near the square and the ICA store.


The second-hand rental market

Many young people in Stockholm rely on second-hand rental market for housing. Renting second hand can be a great way to find accommodation quickly.  However, it can also be a challenge to find something affordable, safe and lasting. Unfortunately, there are people who try to make a profit from the situation by creating false housing ads.

There are several websites with private advertisements. Most of the advertisements are legitimate and serious. However there are some frauds, and sometimes people get scammed. Never pay anything in advance if the person does not have a Swedish bank account, cannot show the apartment or room in person, and cannot provide you with written proof from the landlord that they are allowed to rent out their apartment or room. We recommend that you only pay in advance if you are using a real estate agency (they usually charge a service fee).

Here is a guide on how to spot a false housing ad: How to avoid Fraud - The Ultimate Guide


Recommended housing websites

Below are websites with housing advertisements that we recommend. You may have to pay a small fee to be able to access the information.

  • SSSB is the largest student accommodation landlord in Stockholm. You should register on their housing queue list as soon as possible, since the waiting time is about 200-300 days. They do have last minute deals which are posted on first come-first serve basis. You will need to visit this website every few hours to have a chance on those deals.
  • Akademiskkvart is a website containing private housing advertisements aimed at researchers and students. It is a joint effort from the Universities and Student Unions in Stockholm and the city of Stockholm to try to help both Swedish and International students with housing.
  • Bostad Stockholm is run by the city of Stockholm. Check "bostadssnabben" where they sometimes have apartment on first come first serve basis. Other apartments at this site however require several years of queue time.


Swedish housing websites


Hostels in Stockholm

If you want to book a room at a hostel while you try to find housing, you can visit or hostelworld. Staying at a hostel should only be considered a short term solution (since it is quite pricy) while trying to find long term accommodation.

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