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Finding accommodation in Stockholm

Housing Office at Stockholm University provides housing to international students and researchers at Stockholm University, however we do not have a housing guarantee and some students will need to find housing on the private rental market. Please note that the housing market in Stockholm is competitive with high prices and long waiting times, so we recommend to start your housing search as soon as you have been accepted.



Although finding housing in Stockholm can be hard work, most students find somewhere to live after a while. We have listed below some advice that may be useful for your housing search. You can also find advice on private housing and how to plan a budget in Sweden, at the website Studyinsweden. 


Housing in Stockholm

Following is a link to a recorded presentation by Housing office at Stockholm University where you get information and advice on how to find housing via Stockholm university and Stockholm


Many young people in Stockholm rely on second-hand rental market for housing. It is a great way to find accommodation quickly. However, it can also be a challenge to find something affordable, safe and lasting. There are several websites with private advertisements online, and groups in social media to team up with other students to find housing. Most of the advertisements are legitimate and serious. However frauds do occur, and sometimes people get scammed. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. 

We recommend searching for housing via legitimate websites such as This website contains private housing advertisements aimed at researchers and students. It is a joint effort from the Universities and Student Unions in Stockholm to help both Swedish and International students with housing. 


When search for housing on the private rental market it is important to be cautious of potential fraud. 

We recommend that you only pay in advance if you are using a real estate agency, or after you have both signed a written lease agreement and visited the apartment.

There are a few warning signs to watch out for, se below.

  • The landlord is abroad and cannot show the accommodation in person. Scammers often claim that they are in a different country and request deposits in advance. Anyone that actually rents and accommodation in Sweden is usually able to also show the apartment. 
  • The landlord only has a foreign bank account or wants to pay to another person in a different country. Scammers often require large deposits and advance payments to be made through western union or a foreign bank account. Anyone that actually rents and accommodation in Sweden usually has a Swedish bank account. 
  • The landlord does not give you their full name and personal details such as Swedish personal number/civic number
  • The landlord is pushing you to pay quickly in order to secure the deal

To reduce the risk of getting scammed, it is important to do a though background check before signing a lease and paying the first rent. 

  1. Request identification of the landlord and ask for full name, address and Swedish personal number/civic number. Search online to check if these details are correct.
  2. Look up the apartment address online to make sure it is real
  3. Check with the property owner if the landlord does in fact own or rent the flat, and that this person is permitted to rent this out as a second hand rental.
  4. Visit the apartment in person.

If you have been scammed, it is important that you report this to the police.


A good suggestion is to find a room which is near good public transportation routes to the university. Stockholm is not that big and public transportation works really well, so don’t get obsessed with getting a room close to the university. If you look for rooms in a broader area you will have a better chance of finding housing. Take a look at (public transportation journey planner) to see how long it will take to get to the University from your accommodation.


As soon as you are registered, apply for a more long-term student housing since the queues are long. There are many student landlords in Stockholm, however SSSB is the largest one. You should register on their housing queue list as soon as possible, since the waiting time is about 200-300 days. They sometimes have last minute deals which are posted on first come-first serve basis. You will need to visit this website every few hours to have a chance on those deals.

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