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Interpretation between students

We also interpret between students. If you need us, for instance when you are going to talk to your course friend at a lecture or seminar, let one of the interpreters know.

However, when the lecturer is talking both the interpreters are busy. The interpreter who is not interpreting is focussed on what is being said, to support the active interpreter if needed.


Speak one at a time

In order for the interpreters to be able to interpret what everyone says you need to speak one at a time. This is especially important during group work. If possible, please choose a quiet environment and appoint someone to decide the speaking order in the group.


Book an interpreter well in advance

In order for us to be able to plan our work we need to know when an interpreter is needed. Please plan well ahead. We prefer it if you book too many occasions and then cancel if necessary. That increases your chances of getting an interpreter compared to doing a last minute booking.


Practise before a presentation

If you are going to hold a presentation in front of the rest of the class we, too, need to be prepared in order to interpret your work in a good way. It is very helpful if you provide a copy of your report to one of the interpreters or coordinators beforehand.



Sign language interpretation


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